Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Original K man and international waste face Lazy Boy linked me some super hench new mix he has compiled. Massively on the future beat tip, IM SMASH IT YET AGAIN! Mr Lazy is a top top top selector and is well worth paying £2000 for for a ten minute set! trust!!! Link im pon iz blog.

1. Eskmo - San francisco (The Rhythm)
2. Untold - Anaconda
3. Boemklatsch - Bonafied (Eric de Man remix)
4. untold- Sweat (Original Mix)
5. Untold- I Can't Stop This Feeling
6. Zomby- One Foot Ahead of The Other
7. Martyn- Hear Me
8. Brackles - Get A Job
9. Skepta- Disguise Ft. JME And Jammer
10. Mount Kimbie Sketch on Glass + Skepta- Amsterdam Skit
11. Rustie- Bad Science
12. Slugbed- Gritsalt

Eight Drops To Crystal Mix by splastique


Her dem different riddims from the JIB YAH post.

Large up Nico and the Reggae Records headz each and every!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

JIB YAH!!!!!

Just got sent these little steamers from the reggae record camp, may well interest some heads. If so get pon de link, and bag dat!

This next riddim has a few choice versions. Here you will find the Million Styles and Joe Fever. Another well worth clocking is the Mr Williamz one. ULTRA GULLY!!!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


I have been on a slight vinyl bender of late, some of which has been of the Skwee/Wonk-Hop variety. I thought that is was finally time for the 3rd installment of the Wonk Hop Rounds. Its another wax only compendium, no computers, Kaoss Pads or spaceships in sight. It is a choice selection of some super fresh intergalactico cuts spanning such loved artists as Dam-Funk and Samiyam. There are some seriously fresh presses in this, so new I am fairly certain they haven't been made yet. This is future shit yall. So grab your headphones and get on a night bus.


1. The French Intro

2. RUSTIE - zig-zag

3. MARK PRITCHARD - wind it up

4. FLYING LOTUS - 1983

5. MIKE SLOTT - duex three (featuring muhsinah)

6. SAMIYAM - moon shoes

7. ARCHITEQ - birds of prey

8. DAM-FUNK - killdatmuthafucka

9. LE N?KO - apprende

10. MADLIB - park light

11. AKIRA KETESHI - unknown white lable

12. HUDSON MOWHAWKE - over night

13. ARCHITEQ - into the cosmos

WONK HOP ROUND 3 by mnemonicle

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Summer, it seems, has as good as drawn shut for another year. Went out fi fag today and was, to say the least, CHAPPING! So as winter is closing in I thought an exit from London was needed. Back to good ole Bristol where, over the next few months, some big changes will start happening in the Mnemonicle camp. More on that as it comes.

In other news, Squiggle the space noodle is currently orbiting the planet looking to make a permanent base to re-start his quest to annihilate his arch enemy Noodle McNoodles. I hear internet beef hype!!!!! Also you may notice the new flashing link pon de right>>>>>>>>> That is a direct link over to Reggae Records, I have been backing these heads for a while, they run a seriously tight ship, stock wall to wall killers (not a single filler), and are moving in many interesting directions. Please click on the link and have a dig, some guaranteed percy business in them vaults right there!!! Oh and they are nuff shafe! Lastly Roots Vibe Disco will be making a return, for anyone unaware, it will be every other friday (apart this week when it is on saturday) starting this week at the Invisible Circus in Brizzle. Smack bang in the centre of town on a Friday night is not where you might usually find a reggae cotch, but trust, its a vibe.




Wednesday, 2 September 2009


A miniscule moment of some high grade gear off the forth coming Flying Lotus album (miniscule being the operative). Adult Swim are top jokes though.


Some bashy flicks from Boris Austin's series 'A portrait of Britain'. Check out his website for more.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>BORIS AUSTIN<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Saturday, 29 August 2009


In light of the imminent carnival spectacular I took a little trip to my part time neighbor Blacka-Dread's strong hold on Coldharbour Lane for a mini dig. Him and the Coxsone veterans regularly use that stoop as a place to put the world to rights and jam to some mega riddims! In dedication to them all, here is a little vid for yall of the team many moons ago.

Catch em at Carni inniiiiit!!!!


I have been away, hence the lull. But thanks to a link up from everyones favorite Moon Face we can now all get ship shape this winter via the gully lunges of the self proclaimed "Energy Man" Elephant Man.


Thursday, 13 August 2009


Today, bar the heavy duty dentistry, was a beyond a happy day for I. Mid an unplanned dig through some dusty crates, looking for nothing in particular, I had one of thoughs euphoric, never happens to me, biblical moments, when I found a record I have been pining for for months raised its tonk arm with an almighty slap up in my grill. Bad Boy Talk, is with out a shadow of a doubt the peak of [Mad] Cobra's career. His vibe nowadays is on that contemporary, aggs but cheesy, all to popular with your shoreditch trendy, soulless dancehall. Half is recent stuff will no doubt be featuring on "mix tape" (Traktor mix) winging its way, via some Italo electro, to the speakers of American Apparel very soon. But this LP is HYPE! Yush, the tune fatured is an absolute peeeeercie, but within the card sleeve many more unsung classics sit waiting to be blasted. Get your self a copy, you won't regret. TRUSTLES!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Here is a diddy compilation of some recent riddims I have linked up from the number one online record shop for reggae REGGAE RECORDS UK. Large up Nick and the team for the gulliest selection and service every time I visit.

1. Huge chuck Fenda tune on the Confessions Riddim.... Check the lyrics!

2. Absolute classic from the late and great Desmond Dekker. R.I.P! Conscious roots!

3. Brigadier Jerry, Answer Riddim, the rest is history!

4. Summer time classic from Michael Prophet. Allow any whack drum and bass remixes!

Heads will have to wait fi rest. There is a big clash stirring in the cauldron and I wouldn't want to ruin the flavours by letting you taste it early now. SEKKLE!


I forgot to put this in the original post so a little update for you.....

Released on Reggae Records home brew lable Sativa Records this is a joint of epic proportions. YT on the press. OH MY DAYS!!!!. Bless up on this one, it will be huge in 2009!!